Daniela / 05-03-2016

I waited 1.5 years to write this review so I can give a fair reaction. I must say that dr. Erdal changed my life. He is the best doctor i ever meet. He is very carefull, he always replay to any question i might have very quick even after all the work has been done. I have 2 impants and crowns over my all teeth. After 1.5 years my smile looks perfect, i dont have any problems and i feel wonderful. He was very kind after i contact him first time (found him online) to explain me via phone everything i need to do and how much will cost. The final cost was exact the same he said upfront before he meet me. I got here in Nederlands compliments from my dentist about how perfect and good my operation was done. Final thoughts, I highly recommend dr.Erdal if you are looking not only for a perfect healthy smile but also for a lifetime doctor who will be always there to direct you in the way needed about your teeth. Thank you, Erdal!